Complete Wholesaling Playbook

King Khang's Amazing Complete Training Package Will Teach You How To Talk And Negotiate Like A PRO, Step by Step Teaching YOU How to Virtually Wholesale, & Khang's 6 Figure Marketing Blueprint at a STEEP DISCOUNT!

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How to Virtually Wholesale
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Seller Script Package
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Marketing Blueprint

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This COMPLETE PACKAGE includes ALL OF KHANG'S TRAINING PACKAGES Bundled in One - The King Khang's Step by Step to Virtually Wholesale Houses, King Khang's 6 FIGURE Marketing Blueprint, King Khang Amazing Seller Script Package and The King Khang's BOUNS Package.
This is your Complete Guide to Wholesaling. This Package includes tons of Instructional Videos ranging from How to Setup Your Company Name, Ways to Find Motivated Sellers, Finding a Title Company, Ways to Find Cash Buyers, Tons of Marketing Instructional Content, Contract Documents, Addendums with Instructional How-To Videos, Assignment of Contract with Instructional How-To Videos, Double Closing Documents with Instructional How-To Videos, Live Recorded Seller Call Videos, Handling Objections Videos, Purchase & Sale Contract Documents with Instructional How-To Videos and much more!
This Package includes tons of content at a Great Value Price!

✅ Instructional Videos ranging from How to Setup Your Company Name

✅ Free Ways & Pay Ways to Find Motivated Sellers

✅ Finding a Title Company

✅ Free Ways & Pay Ways to Find Cash Buyers

✅ Tons of Marketing Instructional Content From The FREE Ways To The Pay Ways

✅ Learn How to Wholesale both Locally & Virtually

✅ All the Contracts You will Need for wholesaling & Instructional Video showing you how to use and fill it out

✅ Day by Day Instructional Video on How to Get Your First Deal

✅ How To Find The Hottest Zip To Target Regardless Of What States You Lived In

✅ How To Pull Distress Property List To Target

✅ How to scale your wholesaling biz to 6 figure a month With system and team in place

✅ How To Deal With CASH BUYERS

✅ Where and How to hire VA (Virtual Assistance) To Help you scale your business

✅ Over 12 Live Recorded Seller Call Videos for you to listen to

✅ Handling Seller Objections Videos

✅ How To Pick  A Market To Start Wholesaling regardless of the state you lived in

✅ Access to Private Facebook Group to network & Life Time Access To Course and FB Group

✅ King Khang Inbound & Outbound Seller Script For Cold Calling and Making Offer Over The Phone

✅ Much Much More!

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Can I substitute any items from the Training Packages?

No. There are no substitutions allowed for any of the training packages.

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