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King Khang's Step-by-Step Virtual Wholesaling Training Is Your Complete Guide to Wholesaling Your First House At A Steep DISCOUNT!

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Step-By-Step Guide
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King Khang's Step by Step Guide To Virtually Wholesale Houses Is Your Complete Guide To Wholesaling Your First House!

✅ Instructional Videos ranging from How to Setup Your Company Name

✅ Free Ways & Pay Ways to Find Motivated Sellers

✅ Finding a Title Company

✅ Free Ways & Pay Way to Find Cash Buyers

✅ Tons of Marketing Instructional Content From FREE Ways To PAY Ways

✅ Learn How to Wholesale both Locally & Virtually

✅ Day by Day Instructional Video on How to Get Your First Deal

✅ Access to Private Facebook Group & Life Time Access To Course and FB Group

✅ Purchase and Sales Contract, The Assignment Contract, The Double Closing Contract, The Addendum Contract. Instruction Video on how to How To Use and Fill Them Out

✅ How To Find Your Target Area To Start Wholesaling Regardless What States You Lived In

✅ How To Pull Distress Property and Find Hot Zip Code To Target

✅ Much Much More!!!!

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Once payment is received for the training package you purchase, you will receive a downloadable Word Document containing a link that once clicked or pasted into your browser, it will direct you to folders containing all of the training videos, tools and resources included in your training package.

Can I substitute any items from the Training Packages?

No. There are no substitutions allowed for any of the training packages.

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No. All sales are Final and no refund nor exchanges are allowed.

What do I do if I am having problems accessing the training package materials I purchased?

If you experience any problem with access the training package materials you purchased, please send us a message in the form on our Contact Page and a member of our team will contact you promptly.