Khang was born and raise in Vietnam. Came to America at the age of 9 with nothing but the cloth on his back. He dropout of high School at 17 realizing that you was not good in school and that he was not going to pursued college. Meet his wife Loan at the age of 18. He move into a little shed behind a Mobi home Park and stayed there for 5 years (from 18-23). Got a job as an orthotic grinder Making $8.50/hrs. He work hard and save most of his money waiting  for opportunity. He got into real estate at the age of 27. Started out as a Rehabber.


After a few years of fixing and flipping Khang’s almost lost everything. He then discovered wholesaling and close his first wholesale deal in 7 days and made 28k. That was the beginning of his Wholesaling Real Estate journey. Now He has system and team in place which help him to scale to 6 figure/month wholesaling real estate 100% Virtually. 

Giving Back through Training

Khang is now giving back by offering the knowledge and resources that has made him successful, in a variety of training packages. Whether you are new to the real estate business or not, Khang's proven strategies will help you reach and exceed your goals.

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